Here is another of our ebike builds starting out on a ladies fat tire beach cruiser. Our bikes make for great ebike conversions because motors are easy to install, the hydraulic disc brakes are strong enough for bigger bikes, and the Sturmey Archer 3 speed gives both a low cruising gear and one that gets you really going.

As the bike comes out of the box, we start to strip a few things, like the crankset.  Since we have a motor to go in its place, it is the first thing we start with.

We lengthen the chain next. At this point we can customized with a colored chain at an additional cost.  We always use a top end KMC Z chain, that are nickle plated and rust resistant.

After we add the chainring, crankset and pedals, we start to run the wiring around the motor.  We have a signal cable, speed sensor and main power source.  We try to beautify by using heat shrink tubing, and a weave type of wire loom.

Speed sensor being lined up.  We try to move the sensor far back so that the magnet stays in the cross of the spokes. That way if the magnet moves, it still works on the sensor.

We add the throttle to the left side to achieve symmetry with the shifter spacing on the right.  We have tried other options, but this just feels best to us.

This is where we start the loom for the wiring.  We try to cover everything up so that it is protected from being snagged, and the wires arent damaged.


From this point we wire in the battery. On a ladies bike we use and Axiom FatLiner rack on the rear which is totally sturdy, and can easily handle the weight of the battery and more without flex.

After some additional weave loom up to the battery, we are ready for testing, then your bike ships to you!

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